Supercharge your customer engagement solution with the RESUL CDP

Supercharge your customer engagement solution with the RESUL CDP


  • Leveraging actionable marketing data through CDPs is the need of the hour
  • Resulticks’ proprietary CDP enables powerful audience identity resolution at the segment-of-one level, moving beyond siloed sources
  • Choosing a competent CDP solution can empower an enterprise-wide view of the customer for more efficient and consistent conversions

Having a comprehensive, real-time picture of the customer is crucial for businesses today. Without this essential piece, marketing campaigns might miss their mark, consequently denting the bottom line.

In response to this business pain point, brands are embracing the Customer Data Platform (CDP) as their go-to martech solution. In broad terms, a CDP: 

  • Centralizes audience data from siloed sources 
  • Unifies it into singular customer profiles
  • Translates that information into insights and communications

From data consolidation to segmentation to analytics, the CDP plays a major role in facilitating a wide range of digital customer engagement and even cross-departmental operations today. It is the central engine in an age of digital acceleration.

The missing links

However, a number of CDPs fail to provide the range of capabilities necessary to meet businesses’ expectations. Some offer little beyond data consolidation; some can only process a limited variety of data (e.g., lack of support for second- and third-party data); some simply pile on basic analytics and segmentation functions without the scale and speed to support enterprise-level marketing efforts.

Data activation appears to be a major weakness among many CDP offerings—which means that the solutions can ingest and process data but do little to turn it into actionable intelligence.

A seamless solution

RESUL CDP by Resulticks is designed to deliver on all key CDP capabilities and more. It is a centralized data engine built to unify the brand first, second, and third-party data from all of its internal and external sources—utilizing diverse capabilities to augment, individualize, analyze, and activate the data for top-line growth.

Known and unknown audiences: Telling them apart

Unique among the RESUL CDP’s unique features is its ability to differentiate known visitors from unknown audiences at the individual level. This is one of its signature abilities. 

Enabled by the CDP’s audience identification algorithms and Resulticks’ Smart Duo technology, the known/unknown differentiation feature separates the two audience types based on whether a Resulticks passport ID has already been attached to the individual visitor.

RESUL CDP can extend its audience identity resolution capabilities to first-time visitors and enable their progressive identification and profile enrichment. This paves a reliable, steady path to recognizing all audience members and orchestrating a highly personalized journey toward conversion.

Hybrid deployment

Unlike pure cloud solutions, RESUL CDP accommodates the additional security needs with hybrid deployment options. This means placing the brand’s data within its premises, establishing secured pipelines between the on-premises databases and the CDP’s actual systems hosted on the cloud, and implementing measures to ensure regulatory compliance.

Audience analytics 360°

RESUL CDP provides very specific and unified insights on every individual amongst hundreds, thousands, or millions of audiences. Specifically, it delivers a 360°, segment-of-one view of the customer—comprising interests, lead scores, personas, interaction timelines, and other insights. The customer view is easily accessible as a report for further analysis by marketers and their colleagues.

Powering enterprise-wide data activation

Major enterprises tend to have presence in multiple sectors and markets, with a large number of branches, regional offices, product lines, and brands.

When trying to address data issues at such a scale, many will discover that silos exist in multiple senses. There are the internal data silos due to each brand’s fragmented systems and channels. For leaders at the top of the enterprise, the mismatches and inconsistencies of martech systems between the brands and business units will beget a fractured view—of marketing performances, of ROI, and of the customer.

A cutting-edge enterprise data framework

Resulticks presents a unique answer to this predicament in the form of its multilevel account hierarchy capability. This capability allows a large enterprise to create an organizational framework via RESUL (our all-in-one real-time customer engagement solution that has the RESUL CDP as its data foundation) that matches its own. 

RESUL functions as the unifying marketing and data engine, eliminating martech clutter and confusions across the organization. Business leaders will enjoy streamlined, just-in-time access to key marketing performances and critical metrics for the entire enterprise or specific business units.

With the solution’s unique metadata layers installed at different levels of the organization, it becomes possible to distill a truly enterprise-wide view of the individual customer and identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities open up.

Final thoughts

RESUL CDP is the difference between a team working with manual hand tools building fixtures and cabinets—and a brand equipped with a state-of-the-art computer design that drives numerous integrated power tools—not only producing results in a fraction of the time but also improving craftsmanship and quality.

Interested in how Resulticks can assist you on your data-driven customer engagement journey? Schedule a meeting with our experts now.


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