Mobile-First Holiday Engagement in SEA. A Quick Guide.

Mobile-First Holiday Engagement in SEA. A Quick Guide.

As consumer traffic peaks during the holiday season, opportunities increase to gain audience insights to maximize marketing spend and generate higher ROI.

A generalized, one-size-fits-all customer experience won’t do. You need a targeted audience engagement strategy. In this blog, you will find some region-specific insights and tactics to help make better-informed choices for more effective audience engagement.

SEA, a Mobile-First Region

SEA audiences are always on the go with their smartphones. More than 90% of Southeast Asia’s internet users use smartphones as their primary device according to Google research.  Furthermore, 47% of shoppers use digital devices at the point of sale to inform their purchases. Among these shoppers, 39% search on Google. 

With the rise of intentional shopping, consumers can find substitute goods and services easily with just a few clicks on the smartphone. With so many more options available, customers are easily swayed by the next-best offer, and brands must think of other ways not just to acquire customers, but also to retain them.

Three Holiday Best Practices for SEA Brands

Here are three ways to maximize your revenue this holiday season.

1. Keep shoppers Focused on Your Offerings, Online and In-Store

Make sure your brand appears in search results with clear price points and compelling benefits. Optimize your website’s UX to minimize bounce rates. Build keyword-optimized landing pages that amplify your brand’s visibility during the consideration phase.

Target ads across different channels to engage audiences on the go. Video streaming is among the more sophisticated industries regarding personalization, according to Accenture. Develop attention-grabbing video content to tap into the huge interest around YouTube categories that surge in popularity during the festive season.

2. Capitalize on Mobile's Influence, Attribute Revenue Definitively

Now that you have shared compelling benefits on mobile channels, it's important to rely on attribution insights to determine which marketing channels are driving results and understand how your subsequent actions further down the funnel may potentially affect your revenue.

Traditional metrics that focus solely on “last-click conversions” will undervalue mobile’s influence on the path to purchase.  A shopper may see an ad on mobile, compare products on an app, and eventually convert on a desktop.

Other journeys may start on mobile and end in physical channels like storefronts or call centres. To assess holistic KPIs that take into account customer journey value, you need to use multi-touch attribution.

3. Acquire Lookalike and High-Value Prospects with AI Tools and A/B Testing

While most consumers welcome personalized offerings across channels and on the go, they hate a glut of irrelevant offers, which clog their devices, overwhelm them with useless information, and can even drive them away from your brand.

With the right tools, you can easily achieve and maintain the delicate balance between personalization and intrusive communication. Use A/B testing to see which campaigns perform better for different audience segments and use the insights gained to inform your audience engagement strategies.

Alternatively, you can leverage AI and ML tools, such as chatbots and predictive analytics, to ensure more sophisticated targeting. With the ability to analyze vast amounts of data and predict consumer behaviors, retailers can offer personalized, targeted recommendations and promotions that improve click-through rates and conversions.

RESUL Turns Pain into Revenue

Today’s advanced data and digital technology enables the deeper level of audience engagement needed to dynamically curate and contextualize individual experiences across marketing, shopping, and services interactions. Yet, nearly 40% of SEA brands say they have too much data to manage, 38% struggle with poor data integration across systems, and a 35% indicate their customer data across all channels is incomplete, according to research by Resulticks.

With RESUL, we address specific pain points and assist with your brand’s digital transformation. For a start, RESUL consolidates audience data collected from mobile devices, websites, mobile apps, etc., so you can better understand your customers, improve their experience, and boost revenue not just during holidays, but also during off-peak periods.

To get a complete view of SEA consumer trends, best practices, and actionable use cases on optimizing audience experience and increasing ROI during the holidays and beyond.


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