Built for digital marketing transformation: Learn about the Resulticks engine

Built for digital marketing transformation: Learn about the Resulticks engine

Embracing digital has become essential in these exceptional times. Legacy approaches, systems, and processes are no longer enough to carry businesses forward. But digital marketing transformation is not an one-off event. It requires a long-term commitment, powered by technology built with the future in mind.

In this blog, we will take a look at how Resulticks acts as the engine to enable that transformative journey.

Going digital: What does it mean?

Going digital means different things for different businesses. EMR (electronic medical records) meant digital for healthcare; electronic fund transfer (EFT) and crypto represented digital for the banking and financial industry; for the auto industry, AI-enabled, fully-driven cars seem to be the future of digital.

For different business functions, going digital can also take on varied meanings. There has been growing adoption of blockchain in supply chain management; finance has started utilizing digital payment techniques and signatures; marketing has remained early adopters, incorporating digital into how they communicate with consumers, analyze their efforts, and attribute the impact.

Resulticks was born out of precisely the fusion of such first-hand experience and tested expertise. It is an omnichannel marketing automation platform built to initiate, sustain, and continuously improve the modern business’ digital marketing transformation efforts.

Digital transformation through omnichannel marketing automation

Data is the foundation of everything, and Resulticks reflects that fact in how it is structured.

With a fully integrated Customer Data Platform (CDP) at its center, it is geared to ingest data of different forms and volumes to distill audience intelligence. Besides extracting, transforming, and loading the data, the CDP also cleanses and dedupes it to ensure its accuracy and “leanness.” Multiple algorithms are leveraged to identify duplicate records through not-so exact fuzzy match.

After consolidating the data, the CDP utilizes an unsupervised machine learning model to detect hidden patterns among audience information to build better segments and thus enable better targeting from the start. As the data engine captures additional insights in audience behavior, geo-tagged information, and more across digital touch points, it will continue to enhance how well audiences are targeted seamlessly and in context. The system is also able to derive individual propensities in terms of time, offer, content, channel, and so on to further refine the relevance of customer experience across touch points and in real time.

With the CDP built towards the delivery and activation of a 360° customer view, Resulticks can help businesses move beyond simple segmentation towards individualization.

Conversion is the proof of the pudding

Reach and engagement are important goals for businesses, but conversion is more key.

Resulticks is set up as a closed loop engine, where signals of success from past and ongoing campaigns flow back to improve the value creation process. This then translates to features such as next-best recommendations, engagement optimization, pre-campaign analytics, and look-alike audience—all of which are supposed to maximize the ROI outcomes of marketing communications.

What is measured only can be improved. That is precisely why Resulticks examines ROI as not just a point measure but a metric spanning multiple dimensions. Indeed, it measures ROI across seven dimensions to offer the business a full view of the revenue contribution of their marketing campaigns.

Achieving digital transformation maturity: The imperatives

While solutions like Resulticks can provide robust capabilities for digital marketing transformation, businesses also need the right strategies and resources to ensure success. Here are some tips for doing that.

Strategize for near-term and long-term digital adjustments.

Commit to overcoming silos, abandoning legacy operating models, and embracing digital in all business processes. It is a holistic endeavor.

Never lose sight of the importance of data and advanced insights, as they will help build the concrete map towards outcome-focused transformation.

Tools and applications can do only this much. Innovation and continuous improvement will help you go the distance.

At the end of the day, success will be measured in terms of cost efficiency, resource optimization, audience augmentation, and more—which then leads to better ROI.


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