5 ways you can facilitate omnichannel journeys with web notifications


In the present day, omnichannel marketing is changing the landscape like never before. The evolution of customer behavior has compelled marketers to look for the best option there is to ensure a seamless experience for their end-user. It becomes a necessity to exploit its true potential and enjoy the fruits of that labor.

 Omnichannel Marketing Facilitating Customer Journey

In order to do it effectively and efficiently, marketers use smart strategies to move their target market segment in the direction they want. It is a journey that is sketched, carved and furthermore hand-held where the end-user is guided through various stages and eventually contended to make the purchase.

Web Notifications – A Marketing Asset

Web notifications are simple for the user but very effective for the marketer. For the user, it helps as there are no contact forms nor is there a need to reveal email IDs or phone numbers. In a simple opt-in click, all is done. It is advantageous for the marketers because it helps identify the true potential customer unlike other marketing tools where it works more like a ‘broadcasting’ system - you may or may not get the attention of the ultimate target market. In short, web-notifications offer a win-win situation for users and marketers.

Undoubtedly an unassailable asset, web push notifications have become a marketer’s best tool in the customer journey. It helps reach out website visitors without much fuss and effort. Moreover, web notifications are very effective at driving results. Let’s take a deep dive into how web notifications help in facilitating omnichannel journeys for marketers today.

Serves as a Reminder

As an opt-in, it is obvious that the customer has already visited your website. Web push notifications can serve as a reminder for an action you want them to do. This could be an item that is in the cart yet to be purchased on their mobile, or some item searched for but was out of stock or it could be a service they checked out but not used. Web push notifications can be used as a reminder to guide them to the next phase of the customer journey. Ensure that you include appropriate Call-to-action texts included in the notification that can guide your customer.

Makes Retargeting Easy

The big problem that marketers face in display retargeting is media buying. This is made good by web notifications. There is no need to purchase media or wait until the time the user visits the website again to show it to them. Communication through web notification is almost real-time and creates a better impact. This invariably increases CTRs; hence, has been a big hit in the e-commerce and service provider market. Alerts can be sent to the customers for trial expiration or limited discounts or offers that can entice them to go for the purchase. Web notifications help creating a better chance of users making a transaction at that very moment, as they would not miss the opportunity to earn a good discount for something they want to buy.

User Engagement and Retention

Now that the mad rush for user acquisition is stabilized, you would want to keep them interested. Web push notifications can be used for building trust for a new user. A welcome notification can help them warm up to your brand. You can top this up with a discount coupon with an expiry date that will prompt them to make a purchase irrespective of whether they have purchased a product or not. Web notifications with discounts and offers enjoy a higher CTR! It helps to engage with the user’s touchpoint and make them feel wanted.

Such web notifications can virtually become the first stepping-stone in customer retention. Information on cashback opportunities, flash sales, seasonal collections, interest-based options, etc. can help immensely. Once you have their attention and interest peaks, the user visits the website again and the prospect of them making a transaction increases. Thus, it helps the bottom-line!

 Apt for Content Marketing

Content is the undisputed king in the online industry. Content marketing plays a very critical role in driving customers’ decision-making process through the sales funnel. No matter the content, if it’s not properly distributed, it does not yield results. Be it creating an awareness or product updates and announcements, taking it to the people who matter, matters! It could be a video that talks about an enhancement or a service update and how it will benefit the user – anything that’s content needs something that offers a better CTR. Web push just does the job. 

Executing Conversion Campaigns for Fallbacks

Web push can be used to target users with customized offers that can induce on-app or on-web conversions. It could be anything from a free shipping memo or a specific discount on the product that they viewed or incentive for clicking on the link that they failed to click. Web notification can be used as a fallback when the mobile notification fails to create an impact. It is also effective for a secondary push where the push is sent but not clicked.

Web push notifications are an integral part of the customer journey. When working in tandem with other omnichannel efforts, web push notifications are effective in drawing the end-user to make the purchase. With higher opt-ins and lesser opt-outs, web notifications have the ability to keep the user interested thanks to prompt content delivery. This potentially leads to better conversion rates than other channels as it helps marketers get greater mindshare of users. With greater mindshare follows a greater market share!

Omnichannel experiences should be seamless, orchestrated, optimized for content, consistent and collaborative. Web push notifications help you in achieving the same. Using it diligently can help aid conversions. Ensure that you have the right platform that encompasses all your omnichannel marketing efforts to assure a smooth sailing customer journey. All else will fall in place.


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