Making use of mobile engagement


It’s no secret, mobile is the future.

With the parabolic rise of mobile engagement, it’s more critical than ever to understand how to maximize the potential of this increasingly central channel. Smartphones are becoming a digital extension of ourselves, enabling a convenient, always-on connection to the latest information and countless virtual communities of which we are a part.

It goes without saying that mobile is a gold mine of consumer attention, and when leveraged properly, can amplify your business like no other channels. In this blog, I’ll share three quick tips on successful mobile customer engagement.

So, what exactly is mobile engagement?

It may seem like a self-explanatory question, but there are many elements of mobile engagement that businesses do not typically consider to be “mobile.” While mobile engagement obviously spans all mobile-only channels, it must also include mobile adaptations and extensions to other existing channels.

Here are the channels you might need to account for as you map out a complete mobile engagement strategy:

– Mobile apps: In-app messaging, push notifications, and message centers
– Messaging apps: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE, Telegram, etc.
– Social media: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
– Voice assistant apps: Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.
– Email: Mobile-responsive emails
– Web: Mobile-responsive websites and landing pages; web push notifications
– Beacons and QR codes
– Mobile wallets: Loyalty cards, coupons, offers, tickets

Simply using all of these channels to communicate with your audiences is not enough. Doing so with no clear flow between one interaction and the next will only frustrate the customer. Effective, holistic mobile customer engagement revolves around the orchestration and optimization of frictionless, relevant experiences across all these touch points—and beyond.

Ultimately, making the most of mobile engagement is orchestrating a combination of these channels that provides a frictionless, valuable brand experience for your customers.

Three tips to make the most out of your mobile engagement

1) Make the path to conversion seamless.

Make sure the channels you’ve implemented are all orchestrated to guide visitors from the top of the engagement funnel to a conversion as quickly as possible.

Making the entire flow accessible on mobile means that your visitors can convert (purchase, signup, social follow, and so on) without leaving their mobile screen. With so much distraction and intense competition for attention, it’s important to strike while the iron is hot.

2) Track channel performance.

Your success with mobile is ultimately dependent on your ability to track performance.

Implement mobile channels that are trackable and introduce suitable audience identity resolution capabilities, so you can better understand how best to allocate your marketing spend.

  • Which channels are performing well?
  • Which messages are resonating with your audience?
  • What paths are your customers taking to conversion?

These are questions that can help guide your mobile engagement strategy.

3) Adopt a solution fit for omnichannel mobile engagement.

Make sure you choose a solution that enables you to effortlessly pivot your communications to individual customers. In fact, it should empower you to deliver them dynamic, always contextual journeys across all mobile touch points and even on other channels. Bit-part solutions that require integration can be costly, time consuming, difficult to support, and ultimately prohibit you from creating experiences that deliver results.

To understand how Resulticks can fuel better mobile and omnichannel customer engagement, learn more here.


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