Personalized CX: truth or myth?

Personalized CX: Truth or myth?


  • Many misconceptions run rife on the route to achieving personalized CX.
  • Understanding core audience demands and optimizing framework accordingly are crucial.
  • Diversifying brand identity based on audience metrics is a cornerstone of personal CX.

“You could be the brightest ray of sunshine out there, but some people will still prefer a rainy day.”

Quality CX means different things to different demographics in an audience base, often opposite things. In that light, is it possible to formulate actionable plans for personalized CX, or are they merely thought experiments on paper? 

Moving past a one-size-fits-all CX wireframe is one half of the climb. Incorporating personalized CX into your brand’s core DNA is arguably the harder leg of that journey.

Understanding personalized CX

Contemporary market surveys point to the ground reality: nearly 75% of worldwide consumers prefer some degree of personalization in their customer experience, albeit on their own terms. 

Marketing think tanks the world over are reinventing their products and services for a more immersive customer experience. Personalized CX must fit your scale of operations in addition to addressing consumer needs, so a practical viewpoint is of the essence.

Personalized CX: myths vs. truths

Like most fabled tales of yore, there is a heavy reliance on hearsay when it comes to personalizing CX for your platform en masse.  

  • Myth: Personalized CX is fund/resource intensive. On paper, a personalized CX rig might seem quite demanding in terms of funds and resources. According to a study by Forrester, of the 92% of companies that seemingly prioritized CX, 45% stated that they lack the funds for it.

Truth: Personalized CX is about affordable fine-tuning rather than expensive overhauls. Simple changes to your customer interaction framework (e.g., personalized emails) contribute significantly to a personal CX touch relative to their cost of implementation.

  • Myth: Reworking CX for a personal touch could alienate the core audience. Feeling like there’s not enough room to experiment without denting your business is a significant deterrent towards personalized CX.

Truth: Personalized CX evolves along with dynamic audience demands. Personalized CX is not a “set-it-and-forget-it” deal. It involves consistently addressing key audience demands for better CX by calibrating your features & offerings accordingly.

  • Myth: Investing in personalized CX entails more micro-management. The base assumption is that curating specific use-cases and features for personalized CX can cause resource strain.

Truth: Personalized CX works well with seamless integration. Work smarter, not harder, to lend that personal touch to your audience. Work in ways for your audience to interact & connect with your brand more. For instance, the usage of automated email blast tools with dynamic sender lists gives your audience the illusion of personal mail, even though you’ve not spent any extra time on those mails yourself.

The truth of customer-centricity

Personalized CX may seem abstract as a concept to those who don’t want to fix what isn’t broken in their eyes. Many myths and misconceptions cloud people’s judgment on taking solid steps towards personalized CX, along the lines of time, money and resource constraints.

Dispelling these myths comes with the realization that personalized CX isn’t what your brand can do for every single customer, it’s what every customer can do with your brand’s products. 

With clear perspective and execution, the rewards of lending a personal touch to your brand’s CX far outweigh the inherent risk.

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