Maximize your marketing bang for the buck

Maximize your marketing bang for the buck

Marketing budgets are shrinking.

There has been a steady decline in the average percentage of company budgets that marketing takes up—from 11.2% in 2018-2019 to 10.5% in 2019-2020—according to The Annual CMO Spend Survey 2019-2020 Research from Gartner. This might not sound like good news for marketers, as it could hobble their efforts to deploy more comprehensive data-driven customer engagement efforts in a time when they are more necessary than ever.

To not only adapt but thrive, marketers need to invest in the right tools and strategies to improve the efficiency of their efforts. Integrated omnichannel marketing automation solutions like Resulticks empower them to move beyond the time consumption, poor coordination, high costs of ownership, and siloed data that often define point solutions. They empower marketers to manage all aspects of omnichannel customer engagement from a single platform.

Resulticks, in particular, has incorporated a variety of AI and machine learning models to support powerful data-driven capabilities that will maximize ROI for marketers. Let’s take a look at some of these capabilities.

Multi-faceted ROI attribution insights

Resulticks’ marketing attribution models deliver first-touch, last-touch, and multi-touch attribution insights to properly assign credits and identify specific audience paths to conversion. They enable marketers to effectively assess the revenue contributions of their marketing efforts at the individual level.

In addition to purely campaign-level ROI attribution, Resulticks goes deeper. It is able to measure ROI along a total of seven dimensions:

  • Campaign
  • Channel
  • Individual audience
  • Next-best offer
  • Brand or product rollup
  • Location
  • Last-mile associate

Marketing budget predictions

Attribution insights keep marketers informed on how their omnichannel marketing communication have impacted their revenue growth—sometimes even in real time. However, marketers also have to optimize their marketing efforts beforehand to achieve the maximum returns.

Resulticks goes beyond mere attribution with its marketing budget predictor. Based on the brand’s industry, business type, as well as past and ongoing marketing communications, the predictor delivers recommendations on which channels, campaign types, and so on to invest in and how much. It also derives the potential returns from such optimal campaign combinations. As a result, the predictor simplifies marketing budget allocation and prediction at once.

Continuous engagement optimization

The scale and complexity of omnichannel engagement is such that marketers are unable to manually optimize it in any effective manner or derive analyses in time. Without a robust solution, they will most likely be limited to guesswork, and it will be challenging to translate the subtle shifts in audience behavior and profile into marketing adjustments and thus ROI growth.

Resulticks addresses this in terms of journey orchestration, engagement contextualization, and campaign creation. Its intuitive multi-dimension campaign capability and Omnichannel Rules Engine combine to dynamically adjust audience pathways and contextualize how each individual is engaged based on their evolving journey, profile, and behavior—in real time and across channels. These capabilities eliminate the need to manually identify and executing the most cost-effective and impactful interactions.

Moreover, Resulticks also provides the option to automate the entire process of campaign and audience journey creation. Instead of mapping out entire campaign flows, marketers simply need to enter the basic details. The platform then automatically generates audience experiences informed by communications past and present—even across the brand’s B2B2B or B2B2BC ecosystem—as well as a variety of factors such as key occasions, communication goal, product type, and benchmarks.

This capability does not just handle campaign and journey creation, however. It also recommends the most relevant mix of audience segments, messaging, and touch points for every effort, all while continuously enhancing audience experiences based on evolving insights—even after deployment.

These are only a few examples of the many ways in which Resulticks has adopted advanced modeling techniques to make marketing more efficient and drive concrete, lasting business value for marketers.

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