Orchestrating omnichannel customer journeys: Single-dimension, multi-dimension, and trigger


Most brands have seen a spike in consumer demand for digital since the start of the pandemic, leading to the steady growth of online shopping and a variety of online interactions. This might be something of a relief for those dreading a total collapse, but the transition to digital is not a walk in the park. If brands are less experience in creating effective digital experiences, they can easily risk upsetting, or even jeopardizing the trust of, consumers who are already under stress during the ongoing crisis.

So how can they build enjoyable, frictionless journeys that are targeted at just the right customers? And does it require the adoption of many different tools?

Resulticks provides a variety of options to help marketers effectively create campaigns and orchestrate customer journeys across channels, all from a single platform. Let’s take a look at how you can get the most out of them.

Single-dimension campaigns

While continuous customer journeys are becoming the norm, they are not always necessary. Sometimes you just need to send out batch, one-off communications, which is where single-dimension campaigns (SDC) come in.

In such a campaign, you can select multiple channels of communications, but there won’t be a next step after the first interaction. Perhaps you need to send out a quick announcement; maybe there are some quick social posts that need to go live; or there might be a campaign your team wants to test out quickly. SDC campaigns fulfill such less long-term engagement purposes.

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Here are some questions you should ask to set up the right SDC campaign:

What kind of campaign will it be? Is it for awareness, lead generation, or something else? Is there a specific type of product or offer that you want to push? What is the reach, engagement, or conversion goal? What is the key conversion event for your campaign? Which channels do you want to leverage? What kinds of analytics will you utilize? What is the campaign duration? What are the specific delivery times and time zones for communications in each of your selected channels? Is there a need to use A/B/n testing for the communications on certain channels? If you want to include social media as a channel, how many posts and when do you want them to be scheduled? Multi-dimension campaigns

Multi-dimension campaigns (MDC), unlike their SDC counterparts, allow you to orchestrate multi-step, complex campaigns or customer journeys that go far beyond that initial wave of communications.

Here it’s not just about picking out your channels and delivery times. Simply stringing together a number of touch points isn’t quite right either. You are planning out how one interaction will lead to the next and based on what conditions.

Let’s use a more basic example.

You are sending out an email about a discount campaign with partial profits to be donated to health workers. We can assume that not everyone will open it, but that doesn’t need to be the end of the story. You could trigger a reblast or perhaps a reminder email 3 days later. Web notifications could be next if they still don’t open the emails. Among those that do open the initial emails, there will be some who do not actually make a purchase. You might want to target the ones who have spent more than a minute on the page with SMS messages or mobile notifications.

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This is just one example of a more multi-faceted campaign involving several steps that are triggered by specific conditions. So, what are the questions you should be asking when creating MDC campaigns?

Will the campaign flow be delivered to a fixed audience segment, or a dynamic list that is generated in real time based on specific behavioral triggers and conditions? What channels do you want incorporated in this campaign? Based on what conditions do you want to trigger different pathways and interactions following the previous one? Do you want to leverage AI to determine the follow-up interactions or pathways based on your audience’s individual channel, time, content, and offer propensities? On which channels will the endpoint be located, and what is the key conversion event? Trigger campaigns

We briefly touched on dynamic lists in the last section, and trigger campaigns can be thought of as its campaign orchestration companion. Unlike SDC and MDC campaigns, trigger campaigns utilize only dynamic lists. In addition to defining its duration, you can also determine the frequency at which the campaign’s target audience will be extracted.

For instance, for a monthly promo campaign, you might only want the target audience to be created at 9AM on the second day of each month. You can, of course, also leave that decision to the platform’s send-time recommendations.

This blog tried to survey the main customer journey orchestration methods that Resulticks provides. However, like we said earlier, having the tools is never enough; you need to have clear objectives, specific metrics, and a comprehensive plan to tie it all together. What is true, of course, is that adopting a powerful platform like Resulticks will greatly streamline your marketing efforts and help you focus on answering those questions that matter.

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