Gartner names Resulticks to the Magic Quadrant again. How we did it four years in a row

Gartner names Resulticks to the Magic Quadrant again. How we did it four years in a row

Once again, Resulticks has been named to the May 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs. That marks four times in the six short years since our entry into the marketing automation space that we have received that placement. As a relative newcomer, we’re proud of the recognition we’ve received so consistently industry-wide—and this year especially for our place at the top of the Niche Players quadrant.

We’re also gratified both by the rapid growth and global expansion we’ve experienced as well as by the dramatic results we’ve helped our clients achieve. We’ve worked hard not only to build into our platform a combination of capabilities that correct the serious gaps in legacy martech systems that have frustrated marketers for years, but also to challenge ourselves creatively and technologically to bring to market innovative tools and technologies that open up new channels, solutions, and opportunities for marketers to deliver both quantifiable results and to document the attribution that so often eludes them.

So, what are the strengths that set us apart?

Advanced capabilities, an end-to-end solution

One of the most common roadblocks to a successful omnichannel marketing strategy is the multitude of point solutions and modular systems. While many of these may deliver results in their respective areas, they also often create data silos, require significant training time, and continuously drive up licensing fees.

Such solutions pose an even bigger challenge. They were never designed to work in unison. Because they neither interact effectively nor deliver actionable insights, brands often must invest time and money in additional coding just to get something that even resembles a cohesive approach, meaningful metrics, or a big picture view of performance.

You’ve probably been there. A team requesting additional days to extract urgently needed customer data for a time-critical campaign, which then gets delayed even further because the segmentation solution takes hours to create. Then there are the isolated analytics systems that need to be integrated, while the budget gets stretched to acquire yet another separate customer journey building tool.

Modular systems may sometimes appear attractive at first glance, but they represent a false economy. Resulticks is different.

Our suite of capabilities does not come piecemeal. They are all fully integrated elements of a single truly omnichannel solution that encompasses everything the modern, data-driven marketing requires: Audience profile management. A built-in CDP. Omnichannel campaign orchestration. Personalization. True real-time decisioning. Marketing analytics. And unwavering commitment to every client’s success.

Built for ease of use

There’s another strength that some clients might argue is Resulticks greatest. Underpinning this full array of sophisticated capabilities is the platform’s highly intuitive, easy-to-use UI, speed to market, which unburdens our clients from spending months grasping multiple systems to jump starts their omnichannel marketing transformation.

This ease-of-implementation and use extends across all capabilities. Our advanced segmentation interface allows marketers to create precise segments from an evolving list of attributes and advanced filters and to define sophisticated rules for real-time targeting—all in the matter of minutes.

The same goes for customer journey orchestration, audience and campaign analytics, persona creation, and the multitude of other features. All are organized in a clear, seamless flow that empowers marketers to executive in one solution an end-to-end omnichannel marketing strategy. It’s the kind solution that empowered a leading telecom client to achieve a cost saving of 40 percent.

Seamless data integration

At the core of the Resulticks solution is our customer data platform (CDP) that serves as an integrated data engine connecting to and powering capabilities across the entire solution. Through over 75 out-of-the-box data connectors, custom integrations, and a multitude of upload methods, the CDP enables our clients to unify all of their systems and channels. It leverages robust deduplication, cleansing, and identity resolution capabilities to transform all ingested data into a single, real-time view of the omnichannel customer.

As with all elements of our platform, the integration process requires only minimal training. The marketer can simply pick out the relevant systems, enter the details, and establish bi-directional data synchronization with these sources. Our CDP also offers an attribute management interface to help marketers view and classify attributes from all their data sources for a range of purposes including analytics, conversion tracking, profile completeness, and scoring. Brands can even create new attributes from scratch, and the CDP will map its data to them, pushing them back to their connected systems without disruption.

Extensive, localized support ensures success

From Indonesia to India and from Australia to the United States, Resulticks is committed to maximizing our platform’s potential to drive our clients’ top-line growth and marketing transformation objectives. Besides a powerful solution, we have also established a comprehensive client support system that combines dedicated remote support teams, a global network of trusted partner organizations, our expert leadership team, and a diversity of services.

This means that our clients will always get localized knowledge, executive attention, and proven processes to enjoy a remarkably fast time-to-value and a friction-free Resulticks experience. For example, thanks to our expert-lead training and implementation process, a leading private sector bank was able to complete onboarding in just four months.

Marketers today are increasingly moving on from solutions that mire them down in yesterday’s capabilities and data silos. It takes an integrated, truly data-driven solution to power the kind of omnichannel transformation that delivers benefits for the entire business. Resulticks was built to do just that.

Read a copy of the Gartner Report

If you want to know more about the criteria and process Gartner uses to develop the Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs and what Resulticks placement means, you can read the full report here.


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