IoT and customer experience: 2022 and beyond

IoT and customer experience: 2022 and beyond


  • IoT’s rise to prominence is shaping the trends of customer intelligence & experience
  • The potential for interconnected & seamless marketing is IoT’s biggest draw
  • IoT grants access to curated data insights for more efficient digital marketing

The rise of the internet of things spurred a new channel to be integrated into the marketing or CX mix. This integration would encourage brands to gather valuable customer insights—demographic, behavioral, intent, and more—from non-traditional channels and bring it all together into an engine that could translate it into actionable insights.

IoT facilitates access to a distinct caliber of customer intelligence and uses it to orchestrate individually relevant journeys—on and beyond these touchpoints. To maintain a consistent CX, this personal touch made possible by what was once siloed, under-harnessed data now needs to be made accessible across the organization as well as its subsidiaries, intermediaries, agents, and other appropriate parties.

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Resulticks & IoT

Responding to the challenge its customers face when walking the fine line between privacy and leveraging the wealth of available data, Resulticks has built new capabilities and forged news alliances to transform all that data into actionable insights.

In terms of IoT devices, Resulticks has focused on leveraging them at scale to create, optimize, and analyze omnichannel CX. We have engineered pipelines for data flow to and from IoT devices, while implementing rules to enable valuable experiences for both the brand and its customers.

What will IoT enable? A smart mall, a smart outlet, a smart car, a smart city? The list goes on.

Retail smart shop

The IoT Age: A use case

Take, for example, an intelligent mall equipped with IoT technology to enable a variety of often CX-focused processes. 

  • A shopper arrives at a mall by car. 
  • Although they are a first-time visitor, integration with underlying IoT technology means that the brand can scan the car’s license plate and begin the process of identifying the individual.
  • This enables the brand, for instance, to deliver some initial offers using a proximity sensor, encouraging the visitor to download the mall’s mobile app for parking directions and exclusive discounts—in exchange for their mobile number or email address.
  • Such location-specific offers can boost footfalls over time. What’s more, assuming the right technology is in place, when the individual enters the mall, a variety of other possibilities for engagement opens up. 
  • More customer intelligence made available through Wi-Fi and interactive kiosks can push out additional contextual offers based on the individual’s behavior and location in the mall.

IoT Perspectives

For the retailers, connecting to IoT devices will mean more in-depth analytics on their shoppers. 

Which part of the store attracts the most traffic? 

Are there any issues in their journeys that should be addressed? 

Are there any intriguing developments in crowd distribution across the mall?

Based on in-store footfall insights, can the store itself be re-organized to retain and boost shopper traffic?

The emergence of IoT offers new streams of valuable data that can be harnessed, analyzed, and activated to deepen understanding and drive more effective customer engagement. IoT’s rise is part of the broader shift towards digital transformation, where an outside-in approach will triumph over an inside-out one.

This is Resulticks’ goal as well. We’re empowering brands—across industries and markets—to tap into the wealth of insights hidden in the data scattered across their touchpoints and to build customer journeys that accelerate conversion at scale.

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