Resulticks celebrates 10 years of product growth

Resulticks celebrates 10 years of product growth

Resulticks was launched a decade ago to this day. We had an exciting journey together, sharing a collective vision of challenging the status quo of customer engagement.

In honor of this special day, we spoke with Dakshen Ram, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation and Product officer, and Mani Gopalaratnam, our CEO and CTO to talk about our accomplishments thus far.

3 burning questions for our leaders

Resulticks team: What made you decide to launch Resulticks 10 years ago?

Dakshen: Resulticks was created to add value to brands’ customer engagement efforts. We started as an omnichannel marketing platform, a solution that has now evolved exponentially to become a driver of connected experiences to power digital transformation with a key focus on delivering top-line growth for organizations worldwide.

Mani: We noticed that marketers struggled with siloed tech stacks and ROI measurement. We knew seamless customer engagement and ROI attribution should be our core business. During the early years, our focus became increasingly refined as customer use cases increased across vertical industries.

At that point, we were mavericks who believed nothing was impossible. The term 'CDP' did not exist when we became the world's first customer data hub. Even our Smart Link and one-line SDK for multitouch attribution were developed well before the downfall of cookies.

Resulticks team: A decade is a long time! What changes have you seen in your products during that time?

Mani: The technology landscape has seen a positive change over time, leading to an overall increase in the digital maturity of our audiences. Our initial customers were pioneers, legacy brands, and visionaries who embraced digital transformation. The results of our work with them gradually led start-ups and SMEs to embrace digital transformation and understand its value. Now, brands of any size and digital maturity can find a solution to meet their needs. Our plug-and-play solutions, SmartDX, Marketing Star, and Accelerator, were created with this niche market in mind.

Dakshen: While the tech world has evolved in the past 10 years, our vision is still the same as it was on day one—a 100 percent focus on driving connected experiences through digital transformation.

Innovating to continue to work towards that goal has been our primary focus, and our products have improved to ensure we continue to engage audiences meaningfully. For example, we have uniquely leveraged emerging and new-age edge serverless technology (CX 5.0) that redefines large scale data processing, and thereby omnichannel communication orchestration. Moreover, our products can process 10 million records in 10 minutes, our ability to facilitate complex data processing at tremendous scale and speed has been beneficial to larger brands worldwide.

Our products have also empowered the world's leading brands significantly. For instance, the Resul CDP has empowered HDFC Bank (India’s largest private bank) to drive connected experiences. By consolidating over 60 million audience profiles with 1500+ attributes into a single customer view, they could pick up customer signals in real time. This helped them understand their audiences better, creating sharper customer segments, reducing the cost of marketing communication – all of which led to higher ROI.

Resulticks team: What do the next few years look like for the company?

Mani: Last year, Resul achieved an outstanding score of 100 percent and the certification of a Resul CDP from the highly-respected CDP Institute. This means that it has not only the right features to serve as a legitimate CDP, but also the right elements to successfully drive the connected experiences that today’s market demands.

Dakshen: There is plenty of room for innovation, and we believe that we are pioneers in our field – as illustrated by our CDP and Smart Duo capabilities. Enhancing our product offerings and adding value to our customers are our top priorities. To reach new markets and industries and elevate their CX, we are geared toward continuing to enhance our connected experiences platform into a generative-AI platform through our proprietary base in, DelphAI.

Till then, we will continue to raise the bar, invest in learning, and stay rooted! We are immensely grateful for all our customers’ and partners’ support.

Happy Resulticks Day!


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