RESUL Credit Union Use Cases: Unveiling New Possibilities

RESUL Credit Union Use Cases: Unveiling New Possibilities

As the rest of the industry leaps into digitalization to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences, credit unions are feeling the pressure to keep up. Finding the right starting point, given limited digital maturity, can be difficult, further delaying the many revenue opportunities that can be created—across channels and from emerging member bases.

In this blog, we will learn how RESUL offers a hassle-free, instantly impactful solution for credit unions trying to address the varied challenges in their member engagement efforts.

Meet the Tech-pectations of Young Members

While efforts are being made to simplify digital adoption for senior members, credit unions also need to appeal to younger, more digitally savvy customer segments. Achieving a seamless and individualized experience across various channels, however, remains a significant hurdle for many credit unions.

It's crucial for credit unions to meet the digital CX expectations of younger demographics, as highlighted in the Consumer Banking Preferences and Behavior Report.

This necessitates the implementation of the new technologies to communicate new offerings, introduce new member journeys, and tap into deeper insights. The ability to deliver personalized, real-time, omnichannel experiences is becoming increasingly paramount.

Unveiling the RESUL Use Case Package

While all customer engagement solutions promise to make a difference, enterprise-grade products might not be the best fit for credit unions, especially those still early in their digital transformation journey. What they need are focused use cases designed for specific scenarios in credit unions marketing—use cases that have been tested and proven to eliminate familiar roadblocks with minimal or no IT intervention.

Resulticks has collaborated closely with emerging credit unions to curate a suite of such use cases using RESUL, our flagship, all-in-one real-time audience engagement solution, to address some of their most common pain points.

Here's a closer look at one of the tailored use cases.

Credit Union Use Case Package

Onboarding Younger Audiences to Life-Long Members

In this use case, the focus is on driving younger credit union members to utilize new credit union tools and cross/up-sell new products (e.g., EV loan) to them. The use cases achieves this with targeted, multi-wave communications optimized based on their behavior and traits.

This use case frees credit unions from the guesswork of figuring out the right formula for the when, where, and how of such multi-wave, omnichannel campaigns.

Here, RESUL tailors offers and messages (about a loan EMI calculator, for instance) using existing data on the younger members as well as new insights captured from forms generated by the solution and its One-Line SDK.

This automatic and tailored onboarding process is designed to align with the customer’s service usage, product ownership, and browsing behavior. For instance, new visitors may receive targeted credit card offers, while existing members will receive information on new benefits, with the goal of gradually guiding them towards conversion.

This is but one of the many use cases where RESUL simplifies targeted, adaptive acquisition, engagement, and conversion for credit unions across their channels.

RESUL: Streamlined Setup, Substantial Revenue Upside

While it is technically possible for a credit union to execute these flows internally, the process can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. RESUL’s Use Case Package further streamlines the endeavor.

Want to learn how RESUL can empower your credit union to unlock greater revenue opportunities?


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